Fees Payable Online

Parents are able to pay for any school fees online, including fieldtrips, school supplies, hot lunches etc starting in September 2017.  When an item comes up for payment, a listserve email message or a paper notice is sent home. For more information, see My-Wallet-and-Payment-Information.

Step 1: visit https://schoolcashonline.com/

Step 2: Register by selecting “Get Started Today” and follow the steps.

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email. From the confirmation email, click on the link provided to sign in and add your child(ren) to your household account.

You will then be ready to view and pay online for such items as Young People’s Concerts, Field Trips (if applicable), School Supplies etc.

For detailed step by step instructions, see School-Cash-Online-Parent-Instructions-Sept-2014.